Dead Animal Removal

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Helpful Tips

  • Do not use consumable poisons.
    1.  Upon poison consumption, the animal will want a drink of water. When they take a drink, they will not die instantlyPoison causes a slow painful death to the animal. 
    2. They will soon be looking for a nice dark place to die, usually ending back up in your attic or under your home. They will  have an up set stomach and make an enormous mess with not only the feces.
  • Florida Wildlife Removal's wildlife experts will find all the places where the nuisance animals are entering and close them off, Permanently! 
    1. We are so proud of our craftsmanship on home exclusions that we guarantee, the life of your home or unless the roof is replaced. 
    2. If any wildlife reenters your home through any of the entry points we repaired, we will reclose the entry point(s), trap and remove the critter(s), decontaminate and reissue your life time guarantee.

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Let us find our spoiling little friends.

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - (FWC) - Captive Wildlife Permits can be obtained here.