Mole Removal 

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Mole Facts 

  • There are around 20 species of moles found around the world. 

  • Moles do in fact have ears and eyes, but they are very small and usually covered in fur.

  • All moles are weird at first glance, but the oddest one in our book would be the star-nose mole.

  • Moles favorite food is earth worms.

  • Saliva in the mouth of the mole contains a toxin that paralyzes small animals and insects.

Mole Damage 

Moles can be extremely destructive little creatures. Not only can they leave your yard looking like it has been plowed with a tractor, but they can and will keep the appearance of your lawn destroyed year round. 

Call Florida Wildlife Removal to help you with this problem, We are pro's at capturing wildlife and our technicians are highly trained in solving your mole issues. Moles can be a challenge to remove, but we have it mastered! 

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